So, I’m on holiday for six weeks. Usually, the long holidays are fun, with a bit of work thrown in (don’t believe what you read about teachers in the papers!), but as I will only be back in school for four weeks, I won’t be teaching. Ergo, no planning. Hurrah!  So, what are my plans for this long stretch of loveliness?

Well, although my initial plans are to slob around in my pyjamas watching DVD boxsets (I have missed so much pop culture in the last couple of years; I have The WireMad Men and Downton Abbey to watch), I do think I should use this time wisely. After all, this time next year I’ll have a small child to look after. I won’t get the same opportunities to lounge around, reading and eating biscuits at will. It’ll be all feeding and naptime. Which I’m sure* will be a different kind of fun in itself.

Anyway, I reckon when setting goals and targets, you should really make something that’s a) easy to achieve and b) enjoyable. No point putting pressure on yourself unnecessarily. These are not groundbreaking, nor will they change the world, but they are simple!

1) I am going to wash my makeup brushes. They are horrid and I’m probably wise not to think about what’s on them. I will also, finally, purchase a kabuki brush. I will also chuck out any makeup that’s past its best. Ugh.

2) I will not complain about the weather. If it’s sunny, I’ll go for a walk or sit in the garden. If it’s raining, I’ll stay inside and do something productive or fun.

3) I will blog loads. I’ve got quite attached to my blog (even if people don’t read it, I enjoy writing it!)

4) Stay positive, especially with the house move. No need to dwell and get upset about something that is stressful anyway.

5) Knit the things on my list from a few weeks ago.

6) Get some new music on my iPod. I get bored easily!

7) Sort out the photos for Ladies in Monochrome. It’s a massive undertaking and the blog itself will be a year old in a couple of weeks. So a few hours in front of a hot scanner won’t be too arduous in the long-term.

8) Finally get round to reading the rest of the Hunger Games trilogy! I’ve been putting it off for months, but now’s the time I bite the bullet!

Do you have anything you want achieve before September?


*I’m not entirely sure that this is an accurate statement

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