It’s been a weird couple of days here. Nothing major, but enough to make me feel fed up and ‘meh’.

I’m going to be rather British to begin with and mention the weather.The weather’s not been helping; my preferred mode of weather is sunny and mild. Torrential rain is a bit tedious after a while, although I am glad we live on top of a hill.

Also- has anyone else ever cried at their optician? Just me? I got my new glasses on Friday and, oh, they are a disaster. I think I have been over-corrected and so I feel drunk and hungover at the same time. I can see out of the glasses, but I also feel like I’m about to topple over and I suffer from the greatest headache ever. They originally wanted me to try the glasses for two weeks, but I just can’t. Part of my sight is blurry and it’s just not good, really. Anyway, I have had a conversation with someone at Specsavers and will be getting my money back and re-testing post-baby. (As an aside; if my eyes change so much in pregnancy, as they keep telling me, why bother selling me glasses in the first place? I fear I know the answer, though.)

We viewed a house on Friday, which was lovely and the landlord wanted us to have it (I guess we’re considered ‘a professional couple’, even with a cat and a baby.) Alas, we turned it down- it had ten very narrow steps up to the front door, which I could just see becoming a hazard when chugging a buggy up and down them. We should find out about the other house tomorrow, but with the way my luck is running, I’m not holding my breath.

Oh, and a project I had been knitting for WEEKS turned out to have gone horribly wrong. I tried not to hyperventilate. Luckily, a friend is taking it away from me and sorting it out. I don’t think I could manage it at this point.

Finally, it seems I am destined to have eczema plaguing me around my eyes from now until the baby comes. This means using creams and giving up eyeliner on a regular basis. One eye in particular is sore and easily irritated, which drives me to distraction. I would cry, but my eye is too swollen.

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