Beauty Obsession: Poppy King Lipsticks and Raindrops

Back in January, I declared that I was going to dip my toe into the red lipstick thing. I was a nervous student to start with, but now I’m a devotee to lipstick- even bright, bright reds- and I have the amazing Poppy King to thank for this.

I have three Poppy King lipsticks (thank you, Boots, for an endless supply of £5 off vouchers! They’re £12 full price): Glamour, a flirty pink, Power, a toned-down, work friendly red and my favourite, History. The salesgirl, when I bought it, told me how it was based on the really rich reds of the 1940s. It’s a really flattering, warm, blue-based red that seriously suits everyone. It’s not so bright as to be scary on first wear and even my sceptical husband has got used to me wearing this. It’s funny how we’re told that men love the look of red lipstick, but I’ve never met a man who’s been really keen on it. Whatever, I’m wearing this for me. History is now my ‘day-time’ red, to wear when I’m not at work. I save my brighter reds for night-time wear.

The lipsticks themselves are in small-ish, silver cases, which are really stylish. But don’t be fooled; a smaller tube doesn’t mean less product by any means. It just makes sure there’s less packaging. Wear-wise, the lipsticks last a couple of hours, although I quite enjoy replenishing them, as it’s an act that is rarely seen any more. It feels a little, well, decadent!

The latest Poppy King product I bought, again with those handy vouchers, was her lip ‘crayon’, a range which she has named ‘Raindrops‘.

These are sort of a mixture of lipstick, lipbalm and gloss. I have two colours, Skipping, a really sheer pinky-red and Smiling, a really vibrant red. These have been selling out in stores since Sali Hughes mentioned them a couple of weeks ago in her columns, but they are still available on the website (£11.50 full price.)

I quite like wearing these on days when lipstick is not really an option; Skipping is brilliant for work, as it doesn’t feel ‘too much’ and I can build it up. Smiling is used when I’m not really in the mood for a full on face, it just adds a bit of ‘zing’. It did take me a while to get my head around the slightly stickier texture, but it does last much longer. It’s almost as if the product is made up of two layers- the initial colour, that fades, and the colour underneath which lasts for quite a while longer.

I am now incredibly eager to see what else Poppy King comes up with for Boots. Apparently, she was only meant to have a year’s deal with them, which has now continued. I reckon there could be some exciting products launched for the Christmas market in the autumn…

*These reviews are my own views about products I have bought with my own money. I’m not sponsored in any way- so you know I must really like them!*


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