House-hunting hell

Does anyone, bar Phil and Kirsty, actually actively enjoy house-hunting? I mean, it’s exhausting, soul-destroying and mind-numbing- and that’s just looking on Right Move.

We’ve been looking for a couple of weeks and hit the jackpot pretty quickly; we found a really, really nice house, in our budget, in an area we (read: I) liked. The letting agent was happy to give us the go-ahead, Benn was to go in the following Monday and pay our admin fees. He just had to ask the owner about moving dates and whether a cat would be an acceptable accoutrement to household life and then he would get back to us.

So, on Monday, we waited. And waited. The letting agent rang about 4pm saying that the owner wasn’t sure when she was going to move and could we give her two weeks? So we’ve spent the last two weeks on tenterhooks, waiting. We’ll hopefully find out on Monday whether we can move there.

In the meantime, though, we’ve been keeping an eye out for something else. I have just got my head around the fact that we will have to pay an awful lot of money and we’ve decided that, for the money, we want to aim for a small house. We don’t want anything fancy, but we’ve had enough of flat living and odd neighbours. I’m tired of weird smells and strangers coming and going through the front door at all hours. I. Just. Want. To. Be. Left. Alone.

We want the next place to be bigger (obviously) and it’ll be a bonus if it doesn’t come with added mould and its own woodlouse colony. I’m a pacifist in every sense of the word, but those bugs are horrid. Other than that, all we want is room for Fidget, our own front door and a small garden. Nothing fancy.

We’re expecting some landlords to say no to cats, which is fine, but one has also stated no children, which is a new one on us, but I guess we never came up against this requirement before.

Location is obviously a key factor, as I am going to be at home everyday for a good few months and I don’t want to feel isolated. Yet both of us has to get to work too. It’s this fact that seems to be pushing up the price. I’m tempted to leave the majority of the planning etc to Benn, as I can’t abide the stress. Oh, and then there will be the packing once we’ve worked out where we’re going.

Oh, moving: what fresh hell is this? I think I need a lie down.



2 thoughts on “House-hunting hell

  1. Peri says:

    I really hope you get the house you want – will keep all crossed for you all. It would be good to get settled well before fidget arrives, stress is the last thing you need right now. xxxx

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