Help me find a new mascara!

Ah, mascara. The beauty product that so many of us would class as an absolute essential, the one that many women would never leave the house without. Yet it also seems to be the product that promises so much yet provides such disappointment. I have never stayed with one mascara for more than two tubes.

I’m fickle. I’m lured by special offers and money off. But now I think it’s time to grow up and get some loyalty. This is where I need you to come and help me.

My criteria for the perfect mascara is as follows:

  • Not too expensive. I don’t want to blow my entire budget on a tube of this stuff.
  • Long lasting, possibly waterproof.
  • I’m not a mad fan of ridiculous, lumpy brushes. But if you have a favourite with an odd brush, I will consider it…

Not too picky, I hope! What mascara do you use?


2 thoughts on “Help me find a new mascara!

  1. Belle du Brighton/Lauren says:

    I use lancomes Hypnose mascara, it is ridiculously expensive (£21) but it never dries up/goes runny/smudges and it smells good and the brush is easy to use. I re purchased a few weeks ago and she said: “one for £21 or 2 for “29…” so actually it was only £14.50 a tube… who am I kidding it’s still expensive! I really like maybelline mascaras, and they are my go-to-when-skint range.
    I dislike bodyshop mascara, the wands are weird (tiny and thin) and the consistency is too wet so I get dots under my eyebrows! Hope this helps a bit!

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