Ah, dreary days

It’s a bit like October out there at the moment, isn’t it? Not that I’m complaining, as posted last week… it’s just that there are expectations when we’re supposed to be in midsummer.

July is a bit of a wash out at the moment and I’m skint as I had to buy new glasses on Friday (of which more to come on Friday when I get them in my paws.) So, what’s a skint girl to do when there’s three weeks to payday and the weather is rubbish? I offer you some straightforward suggestions:

1) Have lots of baths. Thanks to all the rain we’re having, we’re no longer in drought! Hurray! Also, Radox does perfectly lovely bath products, which although not luxury, smell really nice. I really like their Eastern Spirit bath foam, which is often on offer in supermarkets and the like.

2) Read more. We’ve all got books that we’ve bought with good intentions but never read, right? Now’s the time to read them. Or visit the library. You’ll not be going out, so you may as well read something good. Maybe, in honour of the grim weather, you could light a scented candle.

3) Look at what you have- and use it. I am terrible at buying stuff and then hoarding it. Make-up, baking products, DVDs, craft stuff. I look at it and still buy more. Which I can’t do at the moment! So, I’ll be doing a bit of baking and watching a few films I haven’t seen in a while. I started this off yesterday by watching Dogma; I’ve not seen it since uni and it was quite fun. My next film will be Heathers

4) Get your friends round. Just because it’s not BBQ weather doesn’t mean you can’t socialise, right? Organise a swap of all those DVDs/make-up bits/stuff you’ve hoarded or bake something and invite them round for tea… this is recession socialising at its best and all you have to provide is a bit of tea.

I offer this advice freely. Whether I’ll actually take any notice of it myself in the next few weeks is debatable. Any other tips to stave off the hole-in-your-pocket blues?


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