Beauty Obsession: Carmex Cherry lipbalm

I have long been a lipbalm addict- I have tried pretty much every flavour, variety and brand there is. I always come back to Carmex and, in recent years, the cherry variety.

Carmex Cherry Jar

I can still remember the first time I tried Carmex- I was at uni in Preston and was Christmas shopping. I think I picked it up at the till of Debenhams or somewhere as an impulse buy (yeah, I’m a marketer’s dream- so easily swayed by advertising and point-of-sale displays). I was amazed at how much I loved the tingle of it when it was on my lips, especially as it was deepest, darkest winter.

Move on a few years and this lovely little variety comes out. I much prefer it to Vaseline, because it ‘feels’ like it’s working and it’s less greasy. It also has an SPF, which is brilliant. I also really like the taste, which is probably a hangover from all the Chapsticks I had as a small girl.  But I do veer between cherry and natural flavour.

I am a bit fussy though. I don’t like Carmex from a tube, as I think it has an odd taste/smell, a bit plasticky. I also have it in my head that you get slightly more in a tub than a tube- they both cost about £2.69. I’m just pernickity though.

I do deviate from Carmex every now and then, especially when I stop ‘feeling’ the tingle (which comes from camphor and menthol- the list of ingredients and their properties are here), but I do come back to it if I have a cold sore or, like at the moment, when my lips are dry through stress. I find that nothing else brings the skin back to life- especially needed if I want to wear a bit of lippy!

*These reviews are my own views about products I have bought with my own money. I’m not sponsored in any way- so you know I must really like them!*


3 thoughts on “Beauty Obsession: Carmex Cherry lipbalm

  1. Belle du Brighton/Lauren says:

    I keep a tin/tub of the normal variety next to my bed, and apply every night! I dont buy it for my handbag though, I prefer the palmers cocoa butter one for out n about because I cant abide the feeling of sticking dirty fingers into the tub and smearing them on my lips… (and I bet now when you next put it on you will think the same, for which I apologise!)

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