A hell of a week

I’ve been fairly quiet on the internet this week and this is because I have had an awful week, which started OK, got really awful and then ended on a happy note.

Last Saturday was the Brighton Bloggers’ Bash, which went really, really well and judging by feedback was very well received. The event has been really well written about   and so there’s not much else for me to say except that it was great to meet so many people in the flesh! We also raised £73.70 for MIND, so it was totally worth it. There is talk about another event, but at the moment I’m unsure as to when.

So, I then started the working week looking forward to the 20-week scan (I’ve been desperate to find out whether Fidget is a boy/girl… more on this later.) Silly me, thinking that I could start winding down! Work has been hell due to an inspection- working until 11pm every night, getting into work for 7am and leaving at 5.30, to get home to barely wolf down some food and then carry on working is not fun. If my child ends up with some allergy to e-numbers, it will be because of the sugar I consumed this week to get me through.

But then the week improved again, because we found out that Fidget is a little boy. This has made me a) happy (although I didn’t mind whether he was a boy or a girl. When asked whether I had a preference, I just answered “A puppy.” Stops any more questions, to be honest) and b) psychic. I have been predicting since April that he’s a boy.

You can start calling me Mystic Steph now. Maybe I should charge.

Anyway, after a lot of sleep, I am starting to feel human again. This is a good thing.


4 thoughts on “A hell of a week

  1. Belle du Brighton/Lauren says:

    a boy! its a boy!!!! poop that you have been doing such long hours, it will all pay off tho i’m sure, and the inspection will over before you know it! I am still super (super! haha) impressed with what we raised, and thanks again for making it a lovely afternoon!

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