Crafting Hyperdrive

My brain is full of stuff it wants to do. This is despite spending two days selling stuff at a craft fair and being totally exhausted when I got home.

Yesterday, I knitted like a mad thing, wrote notes on some writing ideas (and then wrote part of them up) and began dreaming up new ideas for future crafty wares. I’ll also be putting stuff I didn’t sell up on Folksy this week- I still have all of the embroideries that were featured in the last post- and making new stock to replace what I sold. I also dreamt about making a patchwork quilt. I’m also desperate to make some cheese scones.

This is clearly madness. Crafting, cheese-related-baking madness.

I also have to finalise what’s happening at the Brighton Bloggers’ Bash on Saturday, about which I am trying not to get too nervous.

Now, I don’t know where this surge of mojo has come from; I’ve written before about creativity slumping– now it’s gone into overdrive. I can only think that hormones are to blame. Either that, or I’m not ‘properly’ tired for the first time in about six months.

I’m reading voraciously too and it’s just… weird. But I may as well use the surge while I have it. I don’t think I’m going to have quite so much energy in the coming months…


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