Selling my wares at Craftaganza!

So, on Monday and Tuesday, I will be selling some of my crafty bits at Brighton Craftagaza:

I’ll be on the Brighton Craft Guerilla stall, which sells a variety of things by myself and my friends Jan and Emma . I’ll be selling my bird embroideries and bracelets, mostly, with some other bits there too. I’m a bit nervous, as I always am before these things. I don’t feel like a proper ‘artist’, just someone who makes stuff that I like.


I have five of these embroidered birds, which I am trying out as a suggestion from the last craft fair I did (I embroidered birds onto tea towels and someone said they’d much prefer to have them as pictures… so that’s what I did!) I find vintage or antique images and go from there, really. I also never make the same thing twice, so these are really one-offs. I’ve also been making beaded bracelets from unusual glass and gemstone beads. These were my bestsellers last time, so I’m hoping that they’ll be a hit this time around, but who knows?

I do worry that I’ll come home from the fair with all my stock, I would be surprised if every seller was confident. But it would be great if I could sell something!


One thought on “Selling my wares at Craftaganza!

  1. Peri says:

    I’m sure you will. Craft Fairs vary a lot and so much depends on who else is selling near you – but go with a positive heart and it will show in your face. xxxx

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