New skin regime: week 1

I have a confession to make. I haven’t stuck entirely to my proposed skin regime change this week, as I’d had a bit of a disaster in the eye area. I’d been henna-ing my hair on Saturday and got some on my eye (and the soles of my feet. Don’t ask!) Me being a total genius, I used quite a bit of undiluted lemon juice to remove it, ended up going over board and looking like some semi-reptilian pirate. Brilliant. So I wasn’t using soap in a morning, as my skin was a bit overly sensitive and I didn’t fancy risking it.

However, I have used each of the products and have pretty good skin as a result. The cold cream makes my skin tingle a bit, as I have fairly sensitive skin, but I haven’t had eczema or break outs. I’ve also washed it off with both hot and cold water, depending on how hot it is outside- and both are pretty fine, to be honest. Afterwards, I’ve been splashing my face with cold water and I’ve found that I don’t need to moisturise. It’s also fabulous at taking makeup off. I have tried both flannel and cotton wool methods of removing the cream and I would recommend the cloth method. Cotton wool just gets everywhere.

In the morning, the Simple soap has been really good- non-drying and gentle. I’ve found the rose and glycerine water to be a bit…. sticky and so I’ve tended just to use that as a skin refresher during the day, rather than a toner in the morning. Again, after the soap, a splash of cold water seems to be doing the trick!

The Soap and Glory moisturiser- I’m not a massive fan of as an actual moisturiser. It feels too close to actual suncream for everyday use and I think it’s a bit heavy for my skin. So I’ve been using it over my normal moisturiser as a sort of sunblock. The Body Shop seaweed moisturiser is a gel based cream which is really light and refreshing on skin. I’ve converted quite a few people to it, as it is pretty amazing.

So, that’s how my initial plan has changed, but I am going to try and stick to it. It’s fairly easy and the results are good. Hopefully in a month’s time I’ll be able to show glowing skin without a gammy eye!



4 thoughts on “New skin regime: week 1

  1. Jessica Baker says:

    I’m afraid it didn’t work for me at all! Managed a week before having to cave in and go back to a less moisturing soap. I think my skin is too variable, so in places it worked really well, but in others it was just too greasy. You live and learn though.

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