It’s that time of year again… I bloody love Eurovision. Since the age of about seven, I’ve probably only missed four or five of the competitions and it has evolved into something quite significant chez Pomfrett. (Benn, who never really watched it before we got together, is now the major enforcer of traditions.) Usually, our evening involves alcohol and pick ‘n’ mix, but now I’m knocked up, the alcohol has been replaced with Dr Pepper. Not really the same, but it’s better than Schloer. I did, however, spend £4 on a bag of pick ‘n’ mix FOR MYSELF and then told Benn that it was so expensive because I like the fizzy/sour sweets and they “weigh more. Honest.” Not because I’m just a bit of a glutton. I guarantee I will have a sugar hangover in the morning. God knows how Fidget will react. Maybe I’ll just feed him/her celery and lettuce when s/he’s old enough to eat solids, because I’ll probably be eating enough E numbers tonight to last a lifetime.

Anyway, back to the event itself. I was having a conversation about which was the best Eurovision song of all time with my friend Zoe, who said Gina G ‘Just A Little Bit’, which I think is a bit of a cop-out to be honest. If you had to choose a song that launched a career, you’d have to say ABBA or Buck’s Fizz, surely? Or Sandie Shaw, the first UK act to win Eurovision?

This post could turn into a compressed history of the competition, or a rant about block voting, or even an ode to my weird fascination with Jedward, but really, I’m just going to go through some of my favourite songs of the last few years. Enjoy!

Spain- Baila el Chiki-Chiki (2008)

This one I’ve picked simply because it’s stuck in my brain. No other reason really, it’s just weird.

Finland- Hard Rock Hallelujah (2006)

I’m not sure why the Scandinavians are good at making a) really dark, twisted crime drama or b) really dark, twisted metal songs. I think they also have a high suicide rate. Anyway, a lot of people remember this and it did win. It also has the distinction of being a favourite of my sister’s.

Ireland- Lipstick (2011)

I’m not entirely sure why Jedward are so popular, but I think their insane energy is probably part of it. They’re this year’s entry for Ireland too, who clearly don’t want to replicate their winning streak of the mid-90s… I do like this song though and have found myself singing it again recently. As I’m of Irish extraction, I do always support the Emerald Isle when it (inevitably) looks like the UK is going home with nul points.

Norway- Fairytale (2009)

This reminds me of the sort of thing that used to win in the 1960s. It’s sweet and Alex Rybak is also very handsome. I remember that this was the one year Benn and I wanted to same country (i.e. this one) to win. It went on to do so with the highest tally of points ever in the history of Eurovision. It was also much better than the dirge-fest that won the year before. Also, all the stuff I said about Scandinavians before doesn’t count as he’s Russian.

France- Divine (2008)

I’ve put the actual music video for this, as the Eurovision footage is appalling. I love this song- it’s my favourite Eurovision entry ever and was my ringtone for almost three years. Sebastien Tellier’s selection as France’s entry raised a few eyebrows, as he’s well known as a dance artist in his own right. I remember reading that France’s government threw a bit of a hissy fit at the amount of English used and so he had to add a bit of French in to keep them happy. I remember Benn watching the semis and telling me I would enjoy the French entry, due to the copious use of facial hair. He was totes right.

So- what’s your favourite Eurovision song?


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