Time for a change…

So, after a madly stressful week last week (seriously, I can’t remember the last time I was so overworked), my skin has decided to start breaking out. I thought I was over this, but evidently not. I also think my recovered taste for chocolate has probably had something to do with it…

'The Golden Health Library', 1920s,

Anyway, I’ve decided to overhaul my skincare routine. Currently, I use Body Shop Tea Tree wipes to remove make-up, but I think I’m going to go old-school with cold cream in the evenings and a gentle soap and water in the mornings. I’m a bit apprehensive, in case my skin initially breaks out (it’s a bit temperamental, especially in my “condition”), but I figure that as long as I’m diligent and wash everything off properly, it should be fine. I mean, it’s been a good enough skin routine for over a century and Kylie swears by it since she gave up Botox, so it should be fine. Also, cold cream is cheap– £2.50 a tub. I’ve found loads of info on vintage beauty blogs and I’m intending on buying a pot of something and some new flannels on Friday; it’ll still be cheaper than a lot of fancy-pants cleansers.

I reckon with this and a few face masks, my skin will be happy again in no time. Anyone up for joining in with the experiment??



5 thoughts on “Time for a change…

  1. Jessica Baker says:

    I found when I’ve been pregnant that my skin gets really dry (and i remember spotty periods whenever I had morning sickness) and that it carried on all the time I breast fed. I used to use loads and loads of moisturisers to stop me feeling like I was cracking up!
    Now I’m neither pregnant or breastfeeding my skin is a little unsettled, so trying to find a new routine to get it to settle down.

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