So, yeah, a massive change

So, yesterday I went to the hospital.

Turns out I seem to be pregnant with a very fidgety baby; looks like jive lessons are paying off!  I’ve known about this for a while, of course, but have been reluctant to share the news widely, as we had a few scares early on- I’ve practically got to know the local hospital like the back of my  hand over the past three months. But, blood tests aside, the lady who was doing the scanning looked pretty happy at what Fidget (as s/he is henceforth known as- a big improvement on the previous name ‘The Blob’, as that’s what we saw on a scan at six weeks..) was showing. It’s pretty overwhelming to look at this small being and to know that it’s completely unaware of anything around it, but that one day it’ll be an actual person, with actual thoughts and feelings and stuff. Yeah, not at all mind blowing.

At the moment, I’m not thinking about the big scary stuff, like giving birth (quelle horreur!) or what I’m going to feed the baby or what have you. Nope. I’m looking at cute, gender-neutral-but-not-pastel stuff, like babygros with dinosaurs and ladybirds on them. You know, cool stuff. I’m mentally planning the library that this child will have as it grows up. The important things in life. Also brilliant? This is a baby with a HALLOWEEN DUE DATE. Costumes a plenty! Gnomes! Pumpkins!

And don’t get me started on maternity clothes. Ugh. This will be something I battle with for a while, I can tell you. However, maternity jeans are brilliant. No buttons! No zips! No chance of ‘flying low’! Win/win in my book.

So, yeah. there you go. My life’s going to change massively. Not quite ready yet, but I reckon in about six months, it’ll be fine… right?


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