My favourite TV comedy songs

I have yet another cold. The second in three weeks, which is utterly rubbish, actually. I’ve also had a really horrible week at work. My ‘stay positive!’ goal has seriously been challenged, but I am determined to be in a good mood today. To the point of ridiculousness. If I have to watch Flight of the Conchords and Father Ted on a loop, so be it.

So, in honour of feeling sorry for myself, I have picked some of my favourite songs from TV comedy, which I may just play on a loop and annoy my neighbours. Enjoy.

Father Ted- My Lovely Horse

I love Father Ted SO MUCH. It’s probably my favourite sitcom and what’s brilliant about this is that it’s actually Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy who’s singing.

Flight of the Conchords

There are loads to choose from, but I think Inner City Pressure is my favourite, if only for the lady who appears at 1:13

Horrible Histories

I am obsessed with Horrible Histories. It’s very clever and it’s also great fun. I use it in my lessons (many a lesson about pirates or Shakespeare has been introduced with a song or a clip from the show.) It’s really hard to pick my favourite, because they tend to get stuck in my head for days; I couldn’t sleep at the weekend because I had the song about William Wallace in my head. However, I think I’ll go for Dick Turpin, as I have a thing for men wearing guyliner.  (Special mention should go to the Charles II ‘King of Bling’ song and the Richard III song.)



One thought on “My favourite TV comedy songs

  1. ameliaflorencesimmons says:

    Three incredible choices. Inner City Pressure is probably my fave Conchords song too, but largely because I love the Pet Shop Boys so much, and because of the ‘Ladies wouldn’t pay you very much for this, looks like you’ll never be a concert flautist’. AND, I love that woman at 1.13 too, that bit always cracks me up!

    Plus obviously amazing choice with Dick Turpin. When I watched HH and that came on, I was stupidly overexcited. I’d seen Adam Ant in concert not long before, and it was like two of my favourite things (three, if you count Matthew Baynton!) all joining forces.

    Great post. We need to convert more people to the HH cause!

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