Busy busy!

So, I’ve been gallivanting around recently and I am SHATTERED.

Firstly, Benn and I went up north for a couple of days to see friends and family. We stayed in Halifax, which always brings back memories of staying with my grandparents as a little girl. Yes, there’s not a lot to do there, but it’s a bit special to me!

We also went to Leeds a couple of times (my home town) and saw friends and family. It does something for your soul, catching up with people you’ve not seen for a long time. I’m not sure Benn enjoyed himself, as he tends to just follow whatever I’m doing, but I think he enjoyed himself.

Otherwise, I’ve been planning the blogger’s bash… I met the ladies at Super+Super and scoped out the venue. I’m hoping that we sell out of tickets by June 9th. If you want a ticket, you can find info here. I’m working on getting all the bits together, so it should be a cracking good event.

There’s also a couple of other things going on at the moment that I shall be able to divulge soon, but top secret planning is ahoy, which is very difficult for this big mouth of mine to keep schtum about. But it’s crafty and fun, so it’ll be worth it in the end!


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