The beauty box debacle rumbles on

So, remember earlier this month when I wrote about the whole Glossy Box issue? Yeah, it’s evolved. Carmine has been bought out by Glossy Box and there are a lot of unhappy customers, including me.

A lot of people signed up to Carmine after the disaster that befell Glossy Box last month and, although there were issues because of this mass defection, most seemed happy with their boxes. The products were of a good quality and worth the money. The customer service team at Carmine seemed happy and willing to help. I was looking forward to this month’s box and was delighted to see that the estimated delivery date was the 16th… then that moved to the 23rd.

Naturally, people started asking questions on Carmine’s Facebook page and we were assured that all would be revealed in an email- and that new, exciting opportunities would come of it. There were rumours that the buyer for Carmine had jumped ship and gone to another beauty box company.

My jaw hit the floor when I got the email yesterday. Carmine was joining with the very company that had caused an exodus to them. A company that many, many customers had said they would not be using again. Also, there are no March Carmine boxes and Glossy has sold out of theirs. So customers won’t get anything for this month (although, to be honest, we’re probably not missing much.)

Existing customers are being offered various buy outs- if they had enough loyalty points, the offer is to either be given £5 per box owed or donate £5 to charity per box owed (no info on which charity though, which would probably be an incentive for people. Just a thought.)

But the very worst thing, the thing that is making my blood boil is that Glossy Box’s customer service team seem to have taken over Carmine’s Facebook page. Any comment that is critical is deleted. Two of mine, which were not unnecessarily harsh, but questioned the move, were deleted within ten minutes of me making them. Lots of people are in the same boat. Exactly the same situation that happened when people posted criticisms of  GB’s ‘Valentines Box’.

This whole thing has saddened me and put me off the whole experience. However, I suppose I’ll have some extra money to fund my burgeoning lipstick and glittery nail polish habit.


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