Spring is in the air…

Yesterday really felt like the first day of spring (it was also World Book Day, so I spent the day dressed as Dorothy. As you do.) It’s been pretty stagnant recently, so that jolt of smelling the season finally change was very much welcome. There are things going on in the background at the moment that I have no control over and so it’s a bit of a weird time. Trying to be positive when you’re worried is not easy.

But I suppose life could be worse and I have a lot to be thankful for; I’m currently reading a book about North Korea (not fiction, I know… there goes Spring Goal #1) and it is really, really eye opening. So, you know, I’m thankful that I don’t live in a repressive regime and that I can do pretty much whatever I want without scary secret police knocking on my door.

I’m really getting on with my yoga practice too. I’m finding that I have some favourite poses and that I’m really striving to improve what I’m doing. I think I like it because it’s not a competition and because I’ve discovered a good teacher. Saying that, I went to a class last week that was covered by a different teacher who I felt tried to push us too far, too fast, which is hardly encouraging to a beginner’s class. Although I admire that the teacher had high aspirations for his students, which is fine when you’re teaching Year 9 to construct interesting pieces of writing, in a beginner’s yoga class it’s just a bit scary. The class ended with him trying to get us to do the ‘crow’ pose, which basically looks like this. Cue lots of nervous laughter and me freaking out in Child’s Pose. I spent a lot of time sitting out in that class, which knocked my confidence a bit, but I plan on getting back on the horse tomorrow.

In terms of my other spring goals, I’m going to start my knitting challenge pretty soon, having ordered some really lovely moss green yarn. I’ve also fallen in love with pair of legwarmers, so they’ll be on the needles too. I’m not sure why I have a sudden desire to knit legwarmers, but I do, so I will. As for the sewing, well, I’ve got something in mind, but I’ll need some more time to do that. Maybe Sunday.


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