Songs I love…

I’m having a heavy week of it, to be perfectly honest. It’s not the greatest time of year in this job and I’m pretty exhausted. I’ve even ordered a yoga DVD to try and help me de-stress, as no amount of Law and Order box sets (and there are quite a few!) can help. What I do find is that music really helps me keep on an even keel. Last night, as my colleagues and I were driving home at a stupidly late hour, realising that we’d be back at work again in less than ten hours, I decided to play some absolute corking pop songs very loudly in the car, seeing as I had wrangled control of the music system.

I thought I would put a few great songs here, in case anyone else has a case of the late winter blues…

1. Feeder- Insomnia

My friend Kerry and I bonded over Feeder at sixth form college- in fact, she bought me a ticket to see them at Leeds Met for my 17th birthday. We also used to have a thing where we sang songs in broad Yorkshire accents, which still pops up in written form on Facebook (if you want to book us for a gig, we’re marvellous.) This song basically reminds me of two of the happiest years of my entire life thus far. Also, it’s quite fitting, as sleep is eluding me right now.

2. Anna Tsuchiya- Slap That Naughty Body

I am a massive Japanophile and I first came across Anna Tsuchiya in the film Kamikaze Girls– which  is one of my favourite films EVER. It’s so bonkers and brilliant, quite an unusual and unsentimental girly film. I eventually discovered a raft of her music videos on YouTube. She’s a pretty interesting person, too. This song will get stuck in your head, whether you want  it to or not (that’s not a bad thing, by the way.)

3. The Jacksons- Blame it on the Boogie

I defy anyone not to be cheered up by this.

4. Pulp- Mis-shapes

Geeks of the world unite- we will win in the end. I’d sign up to any army Jarvis led, totally. And I’m a pacifist.

5.  The Smiths- This Charming Man

As bonkers as Morrissey is these days, he did write the best ever lyric for this song. As he says, no matter how bad it gets, “Why pamper life’s complexities when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?”


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