So, I’ve discovered a talent

Now that the nights are drawing in, I’m watching a fair bit of TV (not that I didn’t before, but I digress…) I can’t sit in front of the TV without doing something with my hands, so I’m invariably knitting at the same time. I also teach sixth form students how to analyse TV drama, so I’m familiar with quite a few different series, both UK and US- my favourites tend to be crime-based.

Tonight, after watching an old series of Silent Witness (you know, after it got good/Harry and his Marvellous Chin arrived, not the period when Amanda Burton used to stare off into the middle distance for what seemed hours on end), I realised that I have an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the careers of bit-part actors. I recognised two actresses; one had been on a rubbish Channel 4 ‘teenage’ drama that virtually no-one watched and another was the daughter with the weird accent from a BBC comedy show.

That woman on the bread advert? She was in a controversial storyline on Brookside about twelve years ago. Recent BBC series/Waking the Dead spin-off The Body Farm practically culled its non-major cast from the alumni of the last five years of Hollyoaks. And I can spot pretty much any actor who ever starred on Channel 5’s ill-fated soap Family Affairs.  I drive my husband up the wall with the constant repetition of the CVs of former soapstars.

Last night, I watched the first two ever episodes of Law and Order. Now, Chris Noth (Sex and the City‘s Mr Big) was exciting enough. But when the murderer he happened to be interviewing turned out to be played by the actress who played Miranda on the same show, my head pretty much exploded. And don’t even get me started on the Joss Whedon/Torchwood cast crossover. I think you’d fall asleep.

With such a talent, I’m clearly wasted in my line of work.

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